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The Need For God

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This week in Jacksonville Florida an individual that many would describe as let me see what’s a good word here….crazy, had the insane notion of burning a Quaran on the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. Recent developments have suggested that this moronic abuse of the Constitution’s Frirst Amenment will be abandoned or at the very least delayed until a more suitable date can be found for this act of lunacy, or before the last media truck leaves the area, thereby offering no further vehicle for this crazy person’s self grandizment.
I was going to leave this, like most of the current news alone until my girlfriend suggested…okay insisted that I write something. That being said, I will not at all be traveling down my typical literary road in dealing with the Quaran burning issue. Instead I will assume a posture that is a bit of a diversion from my normal stance.
When I first heard about the proposed Quaran burning I assumed that it was the work of some white supremist group or minority hating political facet, you know like the Tea Party movement. Lo and behold I discovered that this effort was being initiated by a Pastor in a Christian Church. Therin lies the most disturbing aspect of it all. The Pastor of a supposed Christian Church wants to burn the holy book of another religion.
Personally, I firmly belive that he should be allowed to burn whatever he wants. His freedom of expression is indeed protected by the American Constitution. American soldiers are overseas as we speak risking their lives to ensure our saftey and way of life. Okay that”s a lie, they’re over there for oil profits, but that’s another story. The fact is the problem is not that someone wants to burn the Quaran, the problem is that thousands of media outlets showed up at his front door to watch him do it! Burn what you want, who cares. I don’t have to care and more importantly, I don’t have to watch. Yet CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX…everybody showed up to watch it, film it and then show it to you and I.
All of which begs the question…where is God? A Christian church is planning to burn an Islamic Holy book and the event is being covered by Jewish media. Where is God? I’ll tell you.
God, my dear friends, is minding his own business. You see everyday as human beings we do things, say things start things, finish things, buy things, sell things, take things, give things…etc… all under the guise that our every action is being monitored and critiqued by God. Which is why we are fools.
Of all the things God would have to worry about in the universe, the space time continium, the evolution of new species, the formation of galaxies and solar systems, the fall of mindkind you know important stuff. Do you really think he has time to worry about some moron in Florida burning a book?
I’m sure that God is somewhere right now ignoring the hell out of our dumb mindless asses, like he usually does and trying to figure out how to create some human beings who don”t suck. The moron in Florida is about as important to the mind of God as a warm bucket of hamster vomit. Unfortunately most of the time, so are you and I.
If we want God’s attention it might do us some good to do something that he might actually care about, you know like be nice to someone or love somebody, or help some people, save someone’s life, teach somebody something. You can even keep it simple. Give somebody a hug, a kiss, ask them out to the movies, dinner, give them a compliment, buy them a gift.
The bottom line if you want God’s attention, burning a religious book is probably not high on his list of things to pay attention to. Our lives are filled with opportunities to enhance ourselves and those around us. Unfortunately too many of us equate God with Sunday morning between the hours of 10 am & 1 pm. The prevailing concept of God still is one of some bearded guy in a chair on another planet in front of a 2,000,000 inch plasma tv watching what everybody is doing with the help of Tivo, I presume.
The problem with this majority point of view is that it places God in two places at once, away from us and apart from us. I have always been of the opinion that God doesn’t have to watch what I’m doing all the time. That’s what he has me for. To record what I’m doing all the time, and when my time is up he can just hit rewind and watch it all. Instead of condeming me to eternal damnation once I’m finished, he can just me send back or to another existence to try again. In this way eventually he can have a race of people who do know how to treat each other as well as themselves.
If I send my child out to play I don’t follow them around the playground. I let him or her play and keep my eye on them in case of emergencies. Morons burning books are not emergencies, even if the media would have you believe it is.
The emergency here is that we still think that God would have time to care about stuff like this. As is the case we still have not figured out the true nature of God. That’s the real emergency.


In Search of the Spirit World

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Flying or floating?

Flying or floating?

A friend  and I were having a discussion about religion and the conversation eventually evolved into a single point of contention for believers and non believers.

Does a spirit world actually exist?

To people of faith this is a matter of fact contention, for in order to believe in the existence of God, The Devil, angels and the like are par the course. To skeptics such as myself, the lack of any empirical evidence to suggest that spiritual or unseen entities are part of the natural order of the universe, immediately regulates any suggestion of their existence to mere fantasy or more appropriately wishful thinking.

According to a study done by the web site The Christian Post, 34% of Americans belive in ghosts. I was very surprised that the percentage was not significantly higher.

Other interesting numbers from that study include:

19% believe in witchcraft and spells

48% believe in ESP

23% say they have actually seen, communicated or acknowledged the presence of  a ghost

A poll done by the Washington Post asserts that 92% of Americans believe in God or a Universal Spirit and an astonishing 80% believe that miracles occur.

So I have found yet another minority group to be a part of.

While I personally ascribe to the realization that universe is too symmetric to not be the result of intelligent design, defining the parameters or characteristics of that intelligence continue to allude me. This lack of understanding of what composes the creating force is not due to any lack of effort on my part to seek out a universal truth about the existence of mankind and the universe in general, but rather to my acknowledgment that on every level of the human condition, basic laws of logic and reason have not only maintained universal order but have given our species the platforms necessary to advance our culture, society and most importantly, our survival.

It is on this foundation that I vehemently reject any notions of any matter, beings (physical or not) or concepts that do not conform to the laws that not only define our universe but dictate the very notion and acceptance of reality altogether.

I have always told my daughter not be afraid of the dark because monsters don’t really exist. Ditto for vampires, werewolves, zombies and yes ghosts. It seems to reason that if any one of the aforementioned anomalies actually existed than they should all exist. Think about it, if a human being could transform into a creature that was immortal, could only come out at night and subsisted on the blood of other human beings, than why shouldn’t there also be humans who turn into wolves during full moons or rise from the dead and human flesh?

Translation: If you are going to live in a Harry Potter world don’t stop at the wizards.

Ghosts seem to have a more acceptable place in the human psyche however, primarily because people see ghosts as images of ourselves or people we have known, but in a translucent or maybe gaseous state.  In my opinion the concept of ghosts is far and away a more ludicrous proposition than say zombies. At least zombies, vampires and werewolves exists as anomalies to the known physical laws of the universe. Ghosts, on the other hand, appear to have their own distinct rules of matter and structure that do not seem to be confined to any physical properties of the universe whatsoever.

It is suggested that you can kill vampires, werewolves and zombies, but as far as I know you can’t kill a ghost because there is really nothing to kill. I feel comfortable in making the direct parallel between ghosts and spirits because in the view of most people the inherent properties of the two are interchangeable.  Spirits are seen to be of the same translucent condition as ghosts. It is suggested that they can move freely throughout the universe and I would guess space and time as well without any limitations whatsoever. This is why the concept of the God is both easily accepted by so many people and easily rejected by others.

Let’s use Jesus as an example. It is known that according to Christian theology, the central figure was murdered on a cross and arose from a state of death three days later. He then eventually ascended to what is considered to be Heaven.

Example #1

The skeptic asks: If Jesus was dead for three days, didn’t his body began to decompose? Isn’t that what we would call a zombie?

The religious person suggests: When Jesus arose from the dead his body was in a different form than it was before he died. In fact he was able to touch things as well as be touched by people and he was also able to appear in rooms where he had not been. (Which means the new Jesus could either walk through walls or just pop in and out of thin air).

While a person of faith just accepts Jesus’ new abilities and properties as absolute truth, a person like myself is utterly confounded by the willingness of so many people to accept such monumental exceptions to logic and reason simply on the evidence of a single book produced by men who themselves had no supernatural properties or have ever given cause to suggest they had any divine or outer-worldly attributes.

Example #2

The skeptic asks: When Jesus supposedly ascended to Heaven did he do it in a spirit form or human form? Did he actually fly away like superman having to zoom by the planets in the solar system and any other galaxies that are between ours and Heaven, or did he just vanish into thin air?

The religious person suggests: ???

…truth be told…I’ve heard no less than five different responses to this question, all of them effectively ending in some thing that boils down to…it’s beyond the realm of your mind.

It appears that the belief in the spirit world is bound by the same constraints that the religious world is and that is a distinct faith that what you have been told by those who preceded you is true.

I’ve met many people who say that they talk to God and while that does not seem at all strange to me, I am intrigued by those who say that God has spoken back to them. I never seem to remember to ask at the time but I always wonder later, what does God’s voice sound like to them.

Does God sound like James Earl Jones? You know a big deep robust voice that fills the air?

Does God sound like Morgan Freeman? A cool, calming assuring and friendly voice like in the films Bruce and Evan Almighty.

Does God sound like a woman to women and a man to men?

Does God sound like parents to Children?

Does he/she  sound like T.D. Jakes? Pat Buchanan? Your minister or pastor?

Is God a spirit or does he/she exists in human form?

If God speaks does he/she/ have a mouth? If he/she has a mouth does God have to breathe? Eat? Spit?

How do ghosts talk if they don’t actually have throats, tongues and windpipes?

I could go on forever with questions about beings that supposedly exist in a spiritual realm. In my opinion the reason that some things add up and others don’t is because simply put, somethings add up and others don’t.

I find it odd that most people who believe in spirits don’t go seek spirits when they are sick, need car repairs, need a financial loan or need legal advice. They save those important matters for doctors, mechanics, bank officers and lawyers.

But doctors, mechanics, bank officers and lawyers can’t move about space and time the way spirits do. So why even bother with any so-called professional in the physical world when the spritual world is always at our disposal.

For that matter why even bother hanging around a low level physical realm like the planet earth when a translucent time/space traveling existence awaits us in the next life(?).

Have you ever heard the expression; Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die?

I’m sure you have, maybe it’s because even though we allow our minds to run rampant with thoughts of spirit worlds and free traveling afterlives, the molecules that actually make up our physical bodies have no plans to surrender their existence to appease our frolicking minds.

In a nutshell, your mind may want to believe in the supernatural, but your ass damn sure don’t agree.

Neither do I.

Stupid ‘is’ as stupid ‘does’

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Conspiracy or Stupidity?

Conspiracy or Stupidity?

Which of these three men acted more ‘stupidly’ in the past week?
A. Professor Henry Louis Gates
B. Sgt. James Crowley
C. President Barack Obama

Well, let us attempt to make sense of the actions of these individuals before we determine a winner to our ‘stupidest’ contest. I will not rehash the entire story because by now anyone who follows any news source is familiar with the incident in Cambridge Mass. on July 16th. In summation,Gates was arrested by officer Crowley and charged with disorderly conduct after being questioned about a suspected “break in” by Gates at his own home. President Obama subsequently chimed in with his opinion on the incident, infuriating law enforcement officers nationally with his unflattering characterization of Crowley’s handling of Gates.

Immediately after Gates arrest, every major (and minor) media outlet seized the opportunity to bring yet another story of racism among police officers against African Americans. Unfortunately for Crowley and the Cambridge police department, Gates, to paraphrase the words of that great negro poet Ice Cube was obviously the wrong brother to mess with. All charges against Gates were eventually dismissed.

I decided to hold off making any commentary about the incident until I heard all the talking heads who offered opinions and analysis on the matter, and until I felt as though I had enough factual information about the events on July 16th to make a qualified assessment.

Now, back to the contest.

Professor Gates has been one of the premiere voices of African American experience for several decades now and has been recognized as one of the most distinguished and articulate voices to come from Black Academia in the history of our nation. Gates has a degree from Yale, has taught at that University as well as Cornell and Duke University. He has authored or co-authored no less than 11 books and in 1997 Time Magazine listed him as one of the “25 Most Influential Americans”. Oh, did I mention that he has the President of the United States on his speed dial? To put it bluntly, the man is very, very, very smart.

Still he obviously is not smart enough to know that black people are not allowed to get belligerent with white police officers in Massachusetts. I wonder if throughout Gates’ career defining the African American experience anyone ever bothered to hand him a copy of the memo that has been circulating around ‘the hood’ since the beginning of time that says black man rule number one: police do not need a reason to arrest black people and any arrest could easily result in a severe beating and/or being shot. Gates was within his rights to be perturbed that he was being questioned about his identity while standing in his own home, but if Crowley had decided to shoot him instead of arrest him (a real possibility in America) the story coming out of the Cambridge P.D. would have been very different. Plus when the President is your man there are two things to immediately consider. Firstly, if he had kept his cool he could have had Crowley demoted to School Crossing Guard with one phone call. Second, when your man is the big boss, don’t put him out in public to deal with a mess, have that conversation on the low.

Sgt James Crowley is a member of the Cambridge Mass. Police Department…translation: Sgt. Crowley has been trained the there is no bigger threat to this nation than a black man. It doesn’t matter if the black man is 60 years old, walks with a cane and is standing in his own home, black is black. Crowley had an opportunity to give Gates what I call the Fred Sanford pass. If you’ve ever watched the 70’s television show Sanford & Son, you’ll notice that Red Foxx’s character Fred G. Sanford was always loud and obnoxious whenever the police showed up at his place of business. Sanford was never degrading per se, just loud enough to say to the police, I’m a black man that had made to 60 years old in this country and your desk Sgt is going to look at you like a moron for dragging me down to the station because I was shouting. Instead Crowley, clearly disrespected by Gates’ remarks, one of which evidently referenced Crowley’s mother, decided to arrest Gates on the old ‘Disorderly Conduct’ law. A law so vague that I’m sure that if your neighbors hear you and your spouse making love too loudly, you can be booked.

Crowley is a police Sargent, not some beat cop fresh out of the academy. He has certainly seen enough real crime and debauchery in his career to understand how a black man that can afford to live in the community where Gates lives is certainly going to get a few things off his chest when the police are harassing him, and once Gates produced identification that verified that he was indeed in his own home, then every moment that Crowely remained at the residence in a shouting match with the professor was indeed harassment.

President Barack Obama has a million things on his plate right now and the Republican Party is breathing down his neck every second of the day. He also has at least half a dozen writers and/or advisors who are supposed to filter his every word before he verbalizes anything to the public. Saying that Crowley acted ‘stupidly’, while indeed quite accurate, is not speech that becomes the President of the United States. That was a George W. Bush slip-up. Although I sure Bush would said something like “Sgt Crowley acted un-racified” or something along those lines. Obama should’ve taken the high road on this matter, a simple “The incident with Mr. Gates seems to be the result of several layers of miscommunication and while unfortunate for Mr. Gates, I’m confident the Cambridge P.D. will have Mr. Gates best interest in mind once things settle down a bit”. Then he could’ve called the Governor of Massachusetts and made it clear that Gates was a friend and Obama would like nothing more than for Crowley to be working the crosswalk at a local elementary school by the next day.

For all you Obama haters that think that would tantamount to abuse of power I have two words for you ‘Scooter Libby’.

Instead Obama jumped the gun and has since been forced to back pedal and even offer up an apology to Crowley who in my humble opinion really does need to be working school crosswalks, preferably in black neighborhoods for at least the next six months. What Obama did was give fuel to all self respecting, profiling police officers nationwide to inform us how much their feelings were hurt and they felt disrespected (which seems to me to be grounds for mass disorderly conduct arrests…hmmmm).

So who was the most stupid Gates, Crowley or Obama?

Neither of them, if you ask me, they were all about the same. In my opinion the stupidest person in the entire affair was Lucia Whalen who works for the Harvard alumni magazine and you would certainly think she knows who Gates is and where he lives, I mean she works on the same block where Gates lives and Gates is probably the most recognized black man in the region not named Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce. Whalen, who was driving by the house told two police she saw two black men with backpacks on the porch of Gates home. When in fact the men had two suitcases and one of them was indeed a gray haired man walking with a cane and it was broad daylight. Excuse me if that visual doesn’t strike me as a your typical ‘breaking and entering’ scenario.

Then again to an overzealous 40 something white woman maybe that does look like a threatening situation, which I guess if the problem in the first place.