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Oh no! Not me again!

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The World According to MO

Curly Morris inhaling the world

As if I didn’t have enough blogs on the internet, I have now invaded WordPress. Thanks for having me guys/gals.

Let’s see, where should I start?

I’m neither a Republican nor am I a Democrat, in fact I’m nothing more than a Black American loudmouth (don’t believe me, check out my other blog)

I love the concept of God, but hate all religions equally for the mess they have made of civilization.

I do not understand or appreciate the concept of Kings and Queens in today’s world (idiot British and Japanese).

Shaquille O’Neal is the most overrated athlete of our era.

Any media person who hates bloggers should be kicked in their ass for presuming they have something better to say than anyone else on the web. Oh yeah I’ll do the kicking, try me.

The greatest rapper ever is named Black Thought…he’s the lead emcee of the Legendary Roots Crew from Philadelphia (and I’m from the Bronx and I know that), he’s closely followed by Can-I-Bus.

Cobain was a better songwriter than Morrison and Hendrix, but not quite as good as Elton John.

Erykah Badu is the shizznit but Jill Scott is dead on her ass.

Kobe is better than Jordan and when all the Baby-Boomers die, that fact will finally be established.

Babe Ruth couldn’t carry Barry Bond’s jockstrap.

Barry Bonds couldn’t carry Ken Griffey Jr’s jockstrap.

Roger Clemens is hilarious.

Hockey is only good during the Olympics.

George ‘Dubya’ Bush being appointed President by the Supreme Court was the final sign that the end is nigh.

Hollywood actors should never be asked their opinion about anything that doesn’t concern a script (They’re actors, get it? Actors! Do you understand what actors do for a living? They act like other people. In some circles that’s called schizophrenia.)

I still do not understand how marijuana is illegal but cigarettes aren’t? Well, I understand, but it represents the epitome of hypocrisy in out nation’s so called war on drugs (which by the way has outlasted two gulf wars and five U.S. Presidents…and we’re still losing).

Speaking of drugs…how is that we can find an ounce of cocaine on street hustler in the pitch black of night, but nobody can seem to find the billions of tons of cocaine that comes into our ports every single day of the year?

Condoleeza Rice should never be allowed into Harlem, the South Bronx, Watts, South Side Chicago, East St. Louis any ghetto, hood, projects or any black barbershop or beauty salon on the planet without somebody slapping the absolute shit out of her. Then again…she never will venture into places will she. I guess that’s the point. She thinks she was born a Bush.

Colin Powell is still cool, barely, but cool.

If we evolved from apes then why are there still apes? I know that’s not original but still, I want an answer.

If God can create or destroy any thing, any person or any place at any given time, then why is he supposedly so jealous and petty. ((Exodus 20:4-5)

It’s okay to be gay, just like it’s okay to be heterosexual. The problem is, I didn’t f**king ask you about your sexual orientation, so stop trying to shove it in my face.

History suggest that one day, the Chinese will in fact rule the world.

Since we supposedly first sent a man to the moon in 1969, how come we haven’t been able to do it since?

A black President in the United States? I’ll believe it when I see it.

I guess that’s all for now, but only for now.

  1. Ask Kobe if Shaq is overated……..Boston will win the Chip this year….. Kobe will be still starving to get that ring back without Shaq like the Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

  2. I agree that Kobe is better than Jordan as far as skills go but Jordan did have a better career. Remember all those MVPs and titles he recieved and how many All-Star appearaces he had? No need to include the many championships the Bulls won because of him. This is why people wont give it up.

  3. You are still correct about Shaq. And I still hear those hot mumbles every now and then.

  4. The whole Kobe/Jordan thing these are just two men it takes a team to win the rings, yada, yada, yada. Being a Chicago native I’ve had Jordan shoved down my throat and I little about Bryant. But I do believe it take a leader to bring his team together to win over and over. As for everything else keep on writing. I just discovered you today and I can say I won’t miss anything else. Take care love and keep it coming.

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