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Hillary Clinton is right…about something

In Politics on June 12, 2008 at 12:09 am

Fortune teller?

Two years ago I wrote a column that pretty much echoed the sentiments of many Americans where I stated unequivocally that Hillary Clinton was going to be the next President of the United States. Then her campaign managers loused up the Democratic Primaries and the lock became the locked out.

Although Illinois Senator Barak Obama has been slated as the presumptive nominee (I never heard that term until this campaign) for the Democratic party, he still has two huge hurdles to climb before he can make history as this republic’s first black President.

The first hurdle is John McCain. While it’s true that McCain is this election’s version of Bob Dole, the sacrificial lamb thrown out by the Republicans in the face of an almost inevitable slaughter come November, the fact that he is running against a minority candidate will make this race closer than it really should be.

Obama’s second and most pressing concern however is actually making it to Election Tuesday…alive.

I find it eerie that during the Democratic Party’s primary campaign there were two references to assassination or at the very least shooting and guns. The first by former GOP Presidential candidate, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, which was actually a supposed stab at humor directed at the Illinois Senator, at a National Rifle Association meeting no less. Talk about feeding a bunch of Bubbas some incentive! Why didn’t he just hand out shooting range targets with Obama’s picture on it while he was at it!?

The next reference to assassination came from Hillary Clinton while in South Dakota, defending her decision to remain in the primary race despite what appeared to be an insurmountable lead by Obama. At least Clinton didn’t direct her insinuation at Obama…directly.

Huckabee apologized, of course, and said that he was just making a poor joke. So tell me this then. Why, as soon as an opportunity to make a gun joke became available, the first person he thought of was Barak Obama? Did he have that joke already prepared and was merely waiting for the off-stage-cue to interject his morbid humor into an already GOP biased event?

While Clinton’s reference to the 1968 assassination of then Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy wasn’t aimed at Obama, coming on the heels of Huckabee’s joke, Clinton’s reference only reinforced the fear that many black Americans have had ever since Obama began his ascent to the White House.

They’re gonna try to kill him.

I find it hard to believe, correct that, I find it impossible to believe that tens of millions of Americans will go to the polls in November and vote for Obama to be our nation’s next President. The concept that America has moved beyond issues of race enough to select a black man to be the face of our republic is just too much for me to swallow.

No, white America would rather lose thousands of more lives in the U.S. occupation of Iraq, start a new war with Iran, pay $6 for a gallon of gas, $5 for a gallon of milk and have their phones wiretapped before they let a black man be the president.

Don’t believe me?

This is the real heartbeat of America:

Yeah…that’s what Obama will face more than anything else in his run for the White House, the real America.

The media pundits and members of academia in our society are too smart to allow themselves to get trapped in any politically incorrect statements concerning Obama’s race, knowing full well that any such slip ups could be career suicide. But as Huckabee and Clinton showed us, just because they might not say it, doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking it.

The problem for Obama is that the majority of white America is more like West Virginia’s alien abduction candidates than Keith Olbermann. They would rather starve and/or die, than live in a country run by a black man, and in essence that’s been Clinton’s assertion all along. Unfortunately, she’s correct.

The Democrats are going to have a hard time defeating McCain come November even though this should be a landslide for them. President Bush has done so much damage to the nation and his party that anybody could win the election from the Democratic party, except a black candidate.

Even Hispanics don’t like the idea of a black president, with early polls suggesting that a majority of the Latino vote will side with McCain who offers nothing more than four more years of the same type of politics that have driven our country into the perilous conditions which we find ourselves in today. Bad economy, failed foreign policies, distrust from the international community, never ending pointless military conflicts, abuse of the Constitution from the Oval office, infringement on the privacy of American citizens: These are all aspects of the Bush regime, and McCain will certainly come in and follow suit.

Still, to most of white America even that is better than having a black President.

Maybe Obama should take heed to what Eddie Murphy had to say on the subject in 1983:

Maybe Clinton and Huckabee were just prepping us for an event that may seem ghastly, but is an American inevitability.

  1. Actually, I’m frightened by that video. I feel like I’m lost in some far away land, I can’t believe people are still that…off.

    Great post.

  2. I think there probably is a large contingent of the people you profiled as opposed to voting for Obama in rural areas. And the United States is still a predominate rural country. But I don’t think those attitudes are as prevalent in metropolitan areas.

  3. He will win the Electoral votes.

  4. Curly Mo
    The country hasn’t progressed far enough down the path to even consider seriously voting let alone seeing Obama being elected President.

    We’ll get all of the usual sound bytes but nothing tangible enough to say that it’s really ready.
    So now it’ll be down to Obama to prove his worth as a candidate. I can tell you this McCain despite all of his bravado. He’s not all that bright and as a matter of fact his IQ may be barely above that of the present incumbent within the White House.

    I’ll say this though the only positive thing to come out of this so far. Is the fact the rest of the world has sat up and began to take note of what’s happening here. But once it’s over they’ll just see it for what it is, nothing more than a dog n’ pony show !

    tophatal ……….

  5. Hispancs don’t like Obama? Interesting when the last poll (two days ago) showed them 62/28 Obama/McCain.

    A bit disingenuous to say otherwise.

  6. Now now being from North Carolina how can you be so down on America and yourselves! I do agree that Obama should get out of the race, why stay in it when the democrats are talking like this!

  7. Ms Joanne:

    That’s it?

  8. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptWhile Clinton’s reference to the 1968 assassination of then Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy wasn’t aimed at Obama, coming on the heels of Huckabee’s joke, Clinton’s referenced only reinforced the fear that many black Americans … Read the rest of this great post here […]

  9. Does anyone have sense enough to realize that Barack Obama considered this before running.

    If he has the courage to run I have no problem voting for him.

    Hey if you have been looking for a candidate with courage you have found him.

  10. You must be kidding Donovan! Courage? How about a good lier?

  11. I can’t speak for other Americans. My husband and I (55 and 57 respectfully) are white Americans that live in SE TN. We are voting for Mr.Obama. It is not because he is black, it is because he is the best choice for the future of our country. I don’t understand the dislike for him or the objection to the fact that he is a Black American. If people are not voting for him because of the color of his skin, that is their loss and ours! Have any of you read his books? He is an amazing and brilliant man. I shudder to think what is in the future for us if he does not get elected. However, our crazy state didn’t vote for the most wonderful and excellent Harold Ford. I sure hope Mr. Ford comes back into the political scene. He would be a great Vice-President! (We are not affiliated with the Dems or Republicans–we are Independent voters.)vol

  12. Yes, Obama should get out NOW!!! Not b/c he is black. That is not the real issue. He is not even a good nominee for president. It should have never came down to this. Was it just 7 years ago that the country was ‘bombed’ by extreme Muslims? Aren’t we at constant war with terrorist? Whose to say the terrorist are not setting this up? He wont even lay his hand over his heart and look at our flag. Why do we want an unpatriotic president? Why do we want someone to run this country that was raised by extreme Muslims and a anti-Christ (atheist)? Sorry folks but this country was built on Christian morals and ideas and has succeeded this long. Why in the world would we want someone who believes in “Goddamn America”. Can u even say that in church without blasphemy? I am thinking about moving my family out of country if he wins . Which if he wins he will most likely be killed. Cant he go be a leader in the middle east? Seems to me they are ready for “change”! Which a lot of things need to be changed in US but not “Obama’s Change”. I like the little freedom that we do have left.

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