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In Politics, Racism on July 20, 2009 at 4:57 am

Hey G.O.P....Who Ya Wit'?

Hey G.O.P....Who Ya Wit'?

Last night I was watching “Real Time” with host Bill Maher and one of the guests was Joe Scarborough of “Morning Joe”. Scarborough was doing Bill a solid by appearing on Maher’s show while on vacation in Nantucket or Cape Cod or somewhere near Martha’s Vineyard.

At one point while discussing the GOP’s handling of the Sonia Sotomayor hearings, Maher made this statement:

“Of course it would be ludicrous to insinuate that if you are a Republican than you are a racist, because obviously not all Republicans are racists. But it certainly seems that if you are a racist then you are a Republican. Fair or not fair Joe?”

Scarborough immediately dismissed Maher’s assertion while going on to chide the GOP’s obsession with alienating future Hispanic voting blocks with their public gaffes challenging Sotomayor’s position on race issues.

Scarborough, a Republican and former Congressman in the state of Florida, deftly buried the depth of Maher’s question and skillfully went on the attack against current GOP tactics, thereby avoiding both any confrontation from Maher as well as avoiding finding himself in the position of having to defend any slips of the tongue he might have been subject to had he himself gotten embroiled in a racially charged discourse concerning the Republican Party.

The man’s smooth.

Still, Scarborough’s artful dodging did not satisfy my hunger to hear that topic addressed by some of the GOP’s more vocal mouthpieces, although I’m sure that will never happen.

So to all members of the Republican Party let me address that topic from the point of view of most minorities in America. Most Black Americans do in fact think that most if not all of you are racists.

Sorry for being so coy, but it’s the truth. Now I know that most Republicans will point to talking heads like Niger (are you serious?) Innis, Michael Steel, Juan Williams and Armstrong Williams and their frequent appearances on FOX New programs as evidence of the diversity of the GOP. As for Innis, Williams and Armstrong, trust me, their credibility in the black community has been shot down so long ago I find it laughable that FOX News even bothers to trot them out (I guess to speak to people in West Virginia).

In fact, Steel’s appointment as the Chairman of the Republican National Committee as well as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s rise to prominence in the party seems like nothing more than Democratic Party’s equivalent of kissing black babies at churches during election campaigns.

Despite hip hop mogul Russell Simmon’s endorsement of Steel while running for the Maryland Senate in 2006, Steel so played himself with his Rush Limbaugh debacle, first denouncing him as pretty much a media clown on D.L. Hughley’s show and then calling Limbaugh to apologize for his remarks, this after Limbaugh saying publicly that Steel wasn’t fit to lead to Republican Party.

What a sellout.

By the way…99.9 percent of Black Americans despise Limbaugh as well as his pocket lawman, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

(Ditto for Bill O’ Reilly)

If Jindal was so much the face of the new GOP then why wasn’t he a keynote speaker at the GOP Convention last fall?

I’ll tell you why.

During the McCain – Obama race the Republican Party was so sure that it could garner enough anti – black sentiment from it’s base that by selecting a moron like Sarah Palin (who could not articulate the alphabet to second graders) they would certainly dominate the white female oh I’m so scared of the big black beast vote and rustle up enough dormant hard line right wingers to seal Obama’s demise.

Personally I am still so flabbergasted by that absolute and total inept strategy that I still find myself shaking my head whenever I see Palin open her mouth on television.

Obviously the GOP’s strategy did not work, primarily because the Bush Cheney regime had indeed further alienated the black population from the GOP after the debacle that was the White House’s response to Hurricane Katrina. While there is still more than enough racial distrust in the nation, most Americans have at least gotten used to the fact that although we may not necessarily break bread or worship together on Sundays, we do indeed have to work together and live in close enough proximity of each other that any overt show’s of bigotry could certainly be detrimental personally as well as professionally.

Yes Rodney King, we can all just get along.

As Americans are in fact getting along, the Republican Party’s assault on the lower class, which is overrepresented percentage-wise by minorities, continues. The biggest disappointment in the Republican Party right now is the lack of strategy. This lack of strategy has manifested itself in overt racial attacks as in the instance of Young Republican National Federation Chair Audra Shay, and even outright comments that border on treason as in the case of Rush Limbaugh.

I have attempted on many occasions to eloquate the position that the Republican Party has held in the ascension of black Americans into national politics. From Frederick Douglass to Abraham Lincoln to Colin Powell to Condaleeza Rice, the Republican Party has always been on the forefront of black pioneerism in U.S. politics.

The current mouthpieces for the black experience in the GOP are nothing more than poo colored figureheads in the minds of most black Americans, primarily for the company they keep.

The new GOP strategy has nothing to do with creating a new agenda for the country which can be outlined and demonstrated to our Republic as a way out of our current diaphanous position in global politics and finances. It is, rather, an attempt to create deep distinct divisions not nearly as much among lines of black and white, but even more so the informed and under-informed.

By appealing to the lower ebbs of our respective cultural ethnicity, the Republicans have managed to exacerbate the fragile divisions among races that so American community and spiritual leaders have worked and died to eradicate.

For years most of black America has felt as though the Republican Party had no love or concern for African Americans or any other minority group in America. Instead of using its vast intellectual and supposed patriotic resources to quell any such notions, the party of O’ Reilly, Limbaugh, Cheney and now Shay has only verified it.

  1. Hey, congratulations for being the first person to post a comment on my blog! 😀


    Not that I care 😛 since my blog is only for my own personal amusement. LOL!

    Oh and btw, as a former Libertarian, every Republican I’ve ever met is at least somewhat racist (and that includes most of my family!). Of course we all are. But the Republicans are more than most 😛

  2. btw again: OMG(ess)!! Jindal is DISGUSTING! He talks to his audience like they’re a bunch of kindergarten students….but then again, maybe that’s the mentality of most of his audience

    Awwwww, quit it! You bring the nasty out in me dude! lol!

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