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The Need For God

In religion on September 11, 2010 at 11:35 pm

This week in Jacksonville Florida an individual that many would describe as let me see what’s a good word here….crazy, had the insane notion of burning a Quaran on the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. Recent developments have suggested that this moronic abuse of the Constitution’s Frirst Amenment will be abandoned or at the very least delayed until a more suitable date can be found for this act of lunacy, or before the last media truck leaves the area, thereby offering no further vehicle for this crazy person’s self grandizment.
I was going to leave this, like most of the current news alone until my girlfriend suggested…okay insisted that I write something. That being said, I will not at all be traveling down my typical literary road in dealing with the Quaran burning issue. Instead I will assume a posture that is a bit of a diversion from my normal stance.
When I first heard about the proposed Quaran burning I assumed that it was the work of some white supremist group or minority hating political facet, you know like the Tea Party movement. Lo and behold I discovered that this effort was being initiated by a Pastor in a Christian Church. Therin lies the most disturbing aspect of it all. The Pastor of a supposed Christian Church wants to burn the holy book of another religion.
Personally, I firmly belive that he should be allowed to burn whatever he wants. His freedom of expression is indeed protected by the American Constitution. American soldiers are overseas as we speak risking their lives to ensure our saftey and way of life. Okay that”s a lie, they’re over there for oil profits, but that’s another story. The fact is the problem is not that someone wants to burn the Quaran, the problem is that thousands of media outlets showed up at his front door to watch him do it! Burn what you want, who cares. I don’t have to care and more importantly, I don’t have to watch. Yet CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX…everybody showed up to watch it, film it and then show it to you and I.
All of which begs the question…where is God? A Christian church is planning to burn an Islamic Holy book and the event is being covered by Jewish media. Where is God? I’ll tell you.
God, my dear friends, is minding his own business. You see everyday as human beings we do things, say things start things, finish things, buy things, sell things, take things, give things…etc… all under the guise that our every action is being monitored and critiqued by God. Which is why we are fools.
Of all the things God would have to worry about in the universe, the space time continium, the evolution of new species, the formation of galaxies and solar systems, the fall of mindkind you know important stuff. Do you really think he has time to worry about some moron in Florida burning a book?
I’m sure that God is somewhere right now ignoring the hell out of our dumb mindless asses, like he usually does and trying to figure out how to create some human beings who don”t suck. The moron in Florida is about as important to the mind of God as a warm bucket of hamster vomit. Unfortunately most of the time, so are you and I.
If we want God’s attention it might do us some good to do something that he might actually care about, you know like be nice to someone or love somebody, or help some people, save someone’s life, teach somebody something. You can even keep it simple. Give somebody a hug, a kiss, ask them out to the movies, dinner, give them a compliment, buy them a gift.
The bottom line if you want God’s attention, burning a religious book is probably not high on his list of things to pay attention to. Our lives are filled with opportunities to enhance ourselves and those around us. Unfortunately too many of us equate God with Sunday morning between the hours of 10 am & 1 pm. The prevailing concept of God still is one of some bearded guy in a chair on another planet in front of a 2,000,000 inch plasma tv watching what everybody is doing with the help of Tivo, I presume.
The problem with this majority point of view is that it places God in two places at once, away from us and apart from us. I have always been of the opinion that God doesn’t have to watch what I’m doing all the time. That’s what he has me for. To record what I’m doing all the time, and when my time is up he can just hit rewind and watch it all. Instead of condeming me to eternal damnation once I’m finished, he can just me send back or to another existence to try again. In this way eventually he can have a race of people who do know how to treat each other as well as themselves.
If I send my child out to play I don’t follow them around the playground. I let him or her play and keep my eye on them in case of emergencies. Morons burning books are not emergencies, even if the media would have you believe it is.
The emergency here is that we still think that God would have time to care about stuff like this. As is the case we still have not figured out the true nature of God. That’s the real emergency.