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Stupid ‘is’ as stupid ‘does’

In Politics, Racism, Uncategorized on July 27, 2009 at 1:02 am

Conspiracy or Stupidity?

Conspiracy or Stupidity?

Which of these three men acted more ‘stupidly’ in the past week?
A. Professor Henry Louis Gates
B. Sgt. James Crowley
C. President Barack Obama

Well, let us attempt to make sense of the actions of these individuals before we determine a winner to our ‘stupidest’ contest. I will not rehash the entire story because by now anyone who follows any news source is familiar with the incident in Cambridge Mass. on July 16th. In summation,Gates was arrested by officer Crowley and charged with disorderly conduct after being questioned about a suspected “break in” by Gates at his own home. President Obama subsequently chimed in with his opinion on the incident, infuriating law enforcement officers nationally with his unflattering characterization of Crowley’s handling of Gates.

Immediately after Gates arrest, every major (and minor) media outlet seized the opportunity to bring yet another story of racism among police officers against African Americans. Unfortunately for Crowley and the Cambridge police department, Gates, to paraphrase the words of that great negro poet Ice Cube was obviously the wrong brother to mess with. All charges against Gates were eventually dismissed.

I decided to hold off making any commentary about the incident until I heard all the talking heads who offered opinions and analysis on the matter, and until I felt as though I had enough factual information about the events on July 16th to make a qualified assessment.

Now, back to the contest.

Professor Gates has been one of the premiere voices of African American experience for several decades now and has been recognized as one of the most distinguished and articulate voices to come from Black Academia in the history of our nation. Gates has a degree from Yale, has taught at that University as well as Cornell and Duke University. He has authored or co-authored no less than 11 books and in 1997 Time Magazine listed him as one of the “25 Most Influential Americans”. Oh, did I mention that he has the President of the United States on his speed dial? To put it bluntly, the man is very, very, very smart.

Still he obviously is not smart enough to know that black people are not allowed to get belligerent with white police officers in Massachusetts. I wonder if throughout Gates’ career defining the African American experience anyone ever bothered to hand him a copy of the memo that has been circulating around ‘the hood’ since the beginning of time that says black man rule number one: police do not need a reason to arrest black people and any arrest could easily result in a severe beating and/or being shot. Gates was within his rights to be perturbed that he was being questioned about his identity while standing in his own home, but if Crowley had decided to shoot him instead of arrest him (a real possibility in America) the story coming out of the Cambridge P.D. would have been very different. Plus when the President is your man there are two things to immediately consider. Firstly, if he had kept his cool he could have had Crowley demoted to School Crossing Guard with one phone call. Second, when your man is the big boss, don’t put him out in public to deal with a mess, have that conversation on the low.

Sgt James Crowley is a member of the Cambridge Mass. Police Department…translation: Sgt. Crowley has been trained the there is no bigger threat to this nation than a black man. It doesn’t matter if the black man is 60 years old, walks with a cane and is standing in his own home, black is black. Crowley had an opportunity to give Gates what I call the Fred Sanford pass. If you’ve ever watched the 70’s television show Sanford & Son, you’ll notice that Red Foxx’s character Fred G. Sanford was always loud and obnoxious whenever the police showed up at his place of business. Sanford was never degrading per se, just loud enough to say to the police, I’m a black man that had made to 60 years old in this country and your desk Sgt is going to look at you like a moron for dragging me down to the station because I was shouting. Instead Crowley, clearly disrespected by Gates’ remarks, one of which evidently referenced Crowley’s mother, decided to arrest Gates on the old ‘Disorderly Conduct’ law. A law so vague that I’m sure that if your neighbors hear you and your spouse making love too loudly, you can be booked.

Crowley is a police Sargent, not some beat cop fresh out of the academy. He has certainly seen enough real crime and debauchery in his career to understand how a black man that can afford to live in the community where Gates lives is certainly going to get a few things off his chest when the police are harassing him, and once Gates produced identification that verified that he was indeed in his own home, then every moment that Crowely remained at the residence in a shouting match with the professor was indeed harassment.

President Barack Obama has a million things on his plate right now and the Republican Party is breathing down his neck every second of the day. He also has at least half a dozen writers and/or advisors who are supposed to filter his every word before he verbalizes anything to the public. Saying that Crowley acted ‘stupidly’, while indeed quite accurate, is not speech that becomes the President of the United States. That was a George W. Bush slip-up. Although I sure Bush would said something like “Sgt Crowley acted un-racified” or something along those lines. Obama should’ve taken the high road on this matter, a simple “The incident with Mr. Gates seems to be the result of several layers of miscommunication and while unfortunate for Mr. Gates, I’m confident the Cambridge P.D. will have Mr. Gates best interest in mind once things settle down a bit”. Then he could’ve called the Governor of Massachusetts and made it clear that Gates was a friend and Obama would like nothing more than for Crowley to be working the crosswalk at a local elementary school by the next day.

For all you Obama haters that think that would tantamount to abuse of power I have two words for you ‘Scooter Libby’.

Instead Obama jumped the gun and has since been forced to back pedal and even offer up an apology to Crowley who in my humble opinion really does need to be working school crosswalks, preferably in black neighborhoods for at least the next six months. What Obama did was give fuel to all self respecting, profiling police officers nationwide to inform us how much their feelings were hurt and they felt disrespected (which seems to me to be grounds for mass disorderly conduct arrests…hmmmm).

So who was the most stupid Gates, Crowley or Obama?

Neither of them, if you ask me, they were all about the same. In my opinion the stupidest person in the entire affair was Lucia Whalen who works for the Harvard alumni magazine and you would certainly think she knows who Gates is and where he lives, I mean she works on the same block where Gates lives and Gates is probably the most recognized black man in the region not named Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce. Whalen, who was driving by the house told two police she saw two black men with backpacks on the porch of Gates home. When in fact the men had two suitcases and one of them was indeed a gray haired man walking with a cane and it was broad daylight. Excuse me if that visual doesn’t strike me as a your typical ‘breaking and entering’ scenario.

Then again to an overzealous 40 something white woman maybe that does look like a threatening situation, which I guess if the problem in the first place.


Obama and Hip Hop…the most relevant point of all

In Politics on July 31, 2008 at 2:45 am

For better or for worse and for the record, put me on the for worse side of the fence, hip hop culture has come to be the single most defining culture of Black America…in history.

There’s no getting around the hip

Obama doesn't need the hood...the hood needs him

Obama doesn't need the hood...the hood needs him

hop culture. In almost every facet of marketing and promotion, in industries ranging from women’s beauty products to the US Military; businesses, both in the U.S. and abroad, as well as any entity trying to mass communicate a single message or ideal to a large number of people will certainly, at some time or another, use hip hop and/or rap music to get that message out. Hip-hop culture and the accompanying soundtrack, rap music, like Blues music are as American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie…you know the rest. it is also one of the few economical success stories that blacks have on large scales, wrestled from their white counterparts.

When you consider that there are gansgter rappers who are co owners of professional sports franchises, you have to say that the sustaining power of hip hop to date has seriously restructured the economic paradigm in the black community. In fact if it wasn’t for Oprah, rappers and/or someone in their professional lineage would have a lock on the black music/entertainment industry.

Firstly, I’ll give you the most obvious and significant example of how the world of hip hop has created enough space in the global economy that it’s power and demographic has  forced typically conservative corporate conglomerates to redfine their cultural borders and as such repackage their brand.

One of the most influential, provacative and pioneering rap grouops to come out the 1980’s, when hip hop culture truly began the current social ascention that the genre still enjoys today, was Long Island’s Public Enemy, a militant, pro black group that featured a no nonsense, anti establishment lead vocalist named Chuck D. On stage and on album covers, Chuck was always flanked by band members known as S1W’s (security of the First World) and resident court jester Flavor Flav.

Now if you’ve never seen Flavor Flav on television trust me on this, his appearance could be no further removed from the image that Senator Barak Obama conjures with the Senator’s sleek, clean cut, professional almost regal air. No, Flavor is on the opposite end of the spectrum in in terms of style, looks and even more importantly, ideology.

Flavor Flav

Flavor Flav

Yet Flavor Flav has become a much bigger social icon years after Public Enemy was a rap group of any major consequence.

Although I despise all reality t.v., you had to be living under a rock to have not caught wind of Flav’s huge television hit program “Flavor of Love” which aired on VH1 for three seasons running, supposedly ending this past May (yeah right). The program’s format consists of having dozens of women move into a mansion where Flav lives and having each of them pine for his affection until in the end, Flav decides that one of the women wil indeed be his true love. This past season offered episodes such as, “Dial M for Mystery Pimp Caller”, “When Flavorettes Attack” and “The Lyin’ The Witch and the Wardrobe Malfunction”.

Flav’s alter ego, (ie….his government name), William Drayton, has seven kids by three different mothers and is still unmarried. Daryton has also had his share of run ins with the law…more anti Obama.

Still, by most standards, people think that Flav is cool. That’s ditto for Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg, both of whom made their early fortunes spitting verses about gang affiliation, drug use and speaking of black women in unfalltering terms. Or as Obama puts it, “…degrading their sisters.” Flav, Ice Cube and Snoop, were at one time some of the most hated black men on the planet, (Ice Cube once did a song about white women called “Cave Bitch”), now hawk everything from cellular phones to Internet service. Gansgter rappers now occupy recurring roles in television sitcoms, police dramas, big budget Hollywood films, prime time aired commercials…everything…everywhere…has a rapper or rap music…in it…astounding.

Recently Reverend Jesse Jackson was embroiled in controversy after being caught on audio tape saying that he’d like to “cut off his (Obama’s) nuts”. Oh and that’s not gangster?”

I wonder why Jackson didn’t make any guest appearances on any of Snoops albums?  In fact revelations about Jackson’s love child in 2001 makes him appear even closer to Flav than Obama.

Here’s a question for Senator Obama to ponder;

What’s a black presidential candidate to do when the majority of the people in his race who have public forums have sold their souls for a buck and have collectively lowered the status quo for their future generations?

The answer; Stay the course brother, stay the course.

Being black is going to be a big enough burden for the Illinois Senator, being hip hop will just flat out be too much to overcome.

Years ago, the most popular black Americans came from academic institutions, religious organizations and cultural groups like the NAACP. If you saw a person of color speaking on network televsion is was safe to assume that individual was being broadcast across the airwaves to make a statement or point, more often than not about a topic that surely had the conciousness of the black American somehow embedded in it somewhere. Today, it’s Flavor Flav on the screen…representing black people…successfully.

To Ice Cube, Flav and Snoop’s credit, as artists they all were pioneers who did in fact asume the role of trailblazers in an industry that had manipulated the talents of black youth for decades. Russell Simmons, the architect behind the rags to riches model that people like Diddy and Jay Z have emulated to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, not only introduced Madison Avenue to the sub culture that was underground urban poets, they intorduced it straight – no chaser. It was that gritty self exploration of deplorable people living in deplorable conditions that so exicted middle and upper America. White kids all across the country were fascinated that there was this violent, drug infested world which mirrored old time ganster movies existing right around the corner from some of their homes. Simmons sold them the stories, Diddy, Jay and many others followed, and everybody got paid along the way.

Simmons personified the business of hip hop

Simmons personified the business of hip hop

Today, the hip hop model that Simmons created is in fact the black American dream. Complete with drug sales, gun charges, baby mamas, 24 inch rims and dead homeboys, all components utilized to increase the marketability of the prodcut and help everyone get the sale.

But just like in fast food…somebody has to sell the burgers for Mr. Burger King to get rich.

In the hood, somebody has to buy the guns, sell the dope, impregnate the girls and shoot the homeys in order to authenticate the product.

Obama has been thrown under the bus not just by Jackson but by none other than Simmons himself who suggested last year that Obama be more concerned with fixing the conditions of the ghettos where many rappers emerge from than critiquing anyone’s lyrics.

Issues concerning whether or not Politicians should distance themselves from political contributors and supporters who come from the rap community have been drowned out by the argument that these same politicians accept contributions from oil and tobacco companies, which both have their own issues with their effect on the human condition.

When the late Eazy E attended a fund raiser for the first George Bush, he was met with ridicule and promptly demolished in a record by the aforementioned Mr. Ice Cube for dining with the enemy. I wonder, if Obama gets elected, how many time will Ice Cube get to meet him, for that matter how many times have they met already?

Well rap in itself is 100% legal. Is some of it immoral? No more so than many movies current California Governor Arnold Shwarzenegger appeared in before he decided to become a public servant. It’s just entertainment right? And plus, who’s writing the “code on immorality”?

Unfortunately in many urban communities, art imitated life for a while, then life began imitating art and the result has been successive lost generations who like Obama said “are hoping to become the next “Lil Wayne“…as if that’s necessarily a good thing.

Lil Wayne Mug Shot

Lil Wayne Mug Shot

Amazing GOP logic

In Politics on July 30, 2008 at 3:50 pm

Look, I don’t have any particular love for the Democratic party. I’ve always felt as though they pandered to the black community for votes by creating this facade that it is their party only that has the welfare and well being of minorities in their platform.

The Republicans have of course helped exacerbate that stereotype by electing blatant racists to key positions in their party and by assimilating with obvious bigots like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O Reilly.

Still, both policy wise and politically, it has been the GOP that throughout history has created more opportunities for black Americans than their Democratic counterparts (don’t believe me? do some research), and still this underlying feeling that members of the GOP are an elitist group that has no concern for any of our nations underclass does not seem to want to dissolve as the party and it’s presumptive nominee continue to make decisions that border on lunacy and then support those decisions with the most asinine justifications that you could possibly imagine coming from the mouths of supposed intelligent people.

Imagine this scenario:

You are in your kitchen cooking dinner and you need to chop up an onion. Instead of using the “onion chopper” you just bought at your local Dollar Tree, you decide instead to go with the 12 inch butcher knife.

Of course you inevitably cut one or more of your fingers and are eventually forced to do something to stop the bleeding. Yet instead of dealing with the blood that is trickling all over your hands and onions, you decide to keep chopping and of course you cut yourself some more. Your spouse walks in and sees all the blood and notices that you are cutting miniscule pieces of onion wit a butcher’s knife and inquires as to why you will not use the aforementioned “onion cutter”. Because you have no logical answer you respond:

This onion was the key ingredient to this meal and I needed the biggest most powerful knife to ensure that it was cut properly.”

Your wife immediately recognizes your lunacy, but realizes that you are indeed holding a huge butcher knife so she humbly plays the background.

“You should at least put something on your hands for the cuts.” she advises.

You grumble something about how she isn’t committed to this family and grab a few paper towels to wrap around your cuts. Of course now there is blood all over the kitchen counter and it’s certain to get on all the other food and the fact that if you had only used the appropriate tool to begin with your meal would stood a much better chance of being “bloodless” seems to have escaped you altogether.

Two minutes after grabbing the paper towels you, and your wife, notice that there is still blood leaking onto the counter and you are having so much trouble chopping onions with a butcher knife that the other parts of the meal are just lying around the kitchen getting blood all over them and you haven’t even started attending to those items, some of which are much more importatnt to the overall meal than these stupid little onions bits you insist on chopping (in fact you have onion powder in the cabinet!).

You really need to do something about the bleeding.” she adds

You inform her that she obviously doesn’t understand the importance of onions to this meal but if it would keep her quiet you’ll put some bandaids on the cuts…surely they’ll stop the bleeding.

You leave the kitchen and head to the bathroom only to return with two boxes of bandaids, one box has little small bandaids made especially for fingers and toes and the other box has huge bandaids for gaping wounds. She tells you that the small bandaids should do the trick. Your response:

“No, you insisted I use a bandaid so I’m gonna use the big bandaids to make sure there’s no more blood for you to complain about!”

One minute after covering your hands in huge gaudy bandaids, the bleeding does in fact stop and you triumphantly turn to your wife and say:

“Aha! I told you these big bandaids would work! Mission accomplished!”

Your wife sighs, turns and walks away, leaving you standing there with your butcher knife, onion bits and bandaided hands with a ridiculous sense of accomplishment.

The moral of this story is:

Of course the big bandaids worked you dumb ass, but why the hell were you cutting onion with a butcher knife in the first place!

You see, this is analogy is how intelligent people view the war in Iraq and the subsequent surge that the Bush administration and now John McCain are so fond of touting as their major accomplishment since Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” moment five years ago!

Of course the surge worked…but did we really have to wait for over 3,500 soldiers to die before you sent more troops? Does that really justify the fact that since Al Queda was primarily stationed in Afghanistan and the supposed 19 hijackers from 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia that we should have never invaded Iraq to begin with? Has the Bush administration completely forgotten about the individual who they blamed this entire mess on to start with, Osama Bin Laden?

Has the GOP lost all sense of reality and common sense?

Are Republicans too stubborn to admit that they were/are wrong?


Hillary Clinton is right…about something

In Politics on June 12, 2008 at 12:09 am

Fortune teller?

Two years ago I wrote a column that pretty much echoed the sentiments of many Americans where I stated unequivocally that Hillary Clinton was going to be the next President of the United States. Then her campaign managers loused up the Democratic Primaries and the lock became the locked out.

Although Illinois Senator Barak Obama has been slated as the presumptive nominee (I never heard that term until this campaign) for the Democratic party, he still has two huge hurdles to climb before he can make history as this republic’s first black President.

The first hurdle is John McCain. While it’s true that McCain is this election’s version of Bob Dole, the sacrificial lamb thrown out by the Republicans in the face of an almost inevitable slaughter come November, the fact that he is running against a minority candidate will make this race closer than it really should be.

Obama’s second and most pressing concern however is actually making it to Election Tuesday…alive.

I find it eerie that during the Democratic Party’s primary campaign there were two references to assassination or at the very least shooting and guns. The first by former GOP Presidential candidate, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, which was actually a supposed stab at humor directed at the Illinois Senator, at a National Rifle Association meeting no less. Talk about feeding a bunch of Bubbas some incentive! Why didn’t he just hand out shooting range targets with Obama’s picture on it while he was at it!?

The next reference to assassination came from Hillary Clinton while in South Dakota, defending her decision to remain in the primary race despite what appeared to be an insurmountable lead by Obama. At least Clinton didn’t direct her insinuation at Obama…directly.

Huckabee apologized, of course, and said that he was just making a poor joke. So tell me this then. Why, as soon as an opportunity to make a gun joke became available, the first person he thought of was Barak Obama? Did he have that joke already prepared and was merely waiting for the off-stage-cue to interject his morbid humor into an already GOP biased event?

While Clinton’s reference to the 1968 assassination of then Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy wasn’t aimed at Obama, coming on the heels of Huckabee’s joke, Clinton’s reference only reinforced the fear that many black Americans have had ever since Obama began his ascent to the White House.

They’re gonna try to kill him.

I find it hard to believe, correct that, I find it impossible to believe that tens of millions of Americans will go to the polls in November and vote for Obama to be our nation’s next President. The concept that America has moved beyond issues of race enough to select a black man to be the face of our republic is just too much for me to swallow.

No, white America would rather lose thousands of more lives in the U.S. occupation of Iraq, start a new war with Iran, pay $6 for a gallon of gas, $5 for a gallon of milk and have their phones wiretapped before they let a black man be the president.

Don’t believe me?

This is the real heartbeat of America:

Yeah…that’s what Obama will face more than anything else in his run for the White House, the real America.

The media pundits and members of academia in our society are too smart to allow themselves to get trapped in any politically incorrect statements concerning Obama’s race, knowing full well that any such slip ups could be career suicide. But as Huckabee and Clinton showed us, just because they might not say it, doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking it.

The problem for Obama is that the majority of white America is more like West Virginia’s alien abduction candidates than Keith Olbermann. They would rather starve and/or die, than live in a country run by a black man, and in essence that’s been Clinton’s assertion all along. Unfortunately, she’s correct.

The Democrats are going to have a hard time defeating McCain come November even though this should be a landslide for them. President Bush has done so much damage to the nation and his party that anybody could win the election from the Democratic party, except a black candidate.

Even Hispanics don’t like the idea of a black president, with early polls suggesting that a majority of the Latino vote will side with McCain who offers nothing more than four more years of the same type of politics that have driven our country into the perilous conditions which we find ourselves in today. Bad economy, failed foreign policies, distrust from the international community, never ending pointless military conflicts, abuse of the Constitution from the Oval office, infringement on the privacy of American citizens: These are all aspects of the Bush regime, and McCain will certainly come in and follow suit.

Still, to most of white America even that is better than having a black President.

Maybe Obama should take heed to what Eddie Murphy had to say on the subject in 1983:

Maybe Clinton and Huckabee were just prepping us for an event that may seem ghastly, but is an American inevitability.